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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Here's a chopper to chop off your head~
Chip chop chip chop~

Anw, Sunday was an all out Japanese day!
First, went to this Waseda Shibuya High school for their school fest wif Aki..
we walked around lost, wondering wad to do for a reallllyyy looooooong time..ahahahhaha..feel lik laughing at ourselves..hahah...><..wad u get when u put 2 blur sotongs tgt in a crowded place, whr everyone speaks Japanese(they do speak english...0_0, but only unless they know u arent Japanese)..ha..haha...ha...
Oh, anw, World biggest paper crane?!

Oh after tat,my bro came and fetch me..
Den we went to this restaurant..
grilling grilling grilling~

okay, its just Wagyu Beef...i noe i toot lah, but when they say it melts in ur mouth, IT REALLY DOES!IM SERIOUS!!!!!!
and its damn ex...damn ex..(those ppl who think tat its cheap, i'll chop off ur head and steal all ur money..)
there's 7 pieces, each piece is small enough for u to finish in one mouth..and..and...it cost $29..meaning, one mouth of meat cost $4...0_0...$4 can get u a full meal in a market, but its only one mouth of meat...$29 can buy u 5 macdonald meals, and yet cant even fill ur stomach(trust me, it cant)...wad a sad sad world.....

AND I LOVE MY BROTHER FOR TREATING US~~~the meal cost $150 for 3ppl...



Thursday, September 17, 2009

*cough cough*
Okay, first of all, i am going to change my blogskin soon... and revive this blog soon..or not..0_0

I realised tat i dun really do a lot of socialising..im lik keeping it to the minimal lvl, but its not wrong isnt it? I mean, I like the friends i alrdy hav, and quality is much more impt den quantity, well, at least its wad i believe... well, its true tat keeping a good relationship wif everyone is impt, and i believe tat no one hate me, at least, its the best i can do..haha..
so to honor this moment of realisation( trust me, this phrase is the lamest thing i hav said this week..)
Cheesy moment times~
I few ppl I wld like to rmb for life(overcome my STM!!!!)....aka, if i were to have a "Best friend" list, this might be one...haha..den again, what defines "best friend"? haha..btw, this is tentative, i WILL NOT remove anyone, even if u dun wan me le...0_0..but, i might add in some ppl i missed out accidentally..anw, i using codenames so ppl dun noe who im talking bout..hahah..for me and my dardars' eyes only...

Toasted bread- wad u did on ur blog was really sweet...haha..*still speechless*..speechless is not because not nice, im jus too awed for words? I mean, nobody has make me feel this special before...><...as in, u are the one of the few ppl tat make me feel tat im impt to someone, and it sorta means alot to me...well, u noe how much i dislike living in this world, i mean, im not suicidic, but if given a chance, i rather not be born a human in this world..but, when..erm..u noe, its totally diff, when u hav someone who treasure u(besides my family, they have to!WAHAHAHAHAHA) and makes u feel tat u might hav done something good and is loved for it(dude,opps..ah girl arh, i meant fren fren hor..dun get wrong idea)..and me feels safe around u..haha, as in, no need to take note of anything..lik, how i act, we go crazy tgt, and we messed up the dining table tgt, we sing really old songs loudly and madly tgt..etc..well, its fun..oh and we talk bout bloody stuff tgt...hahha...><....i get to act sadist around u, LOL..btw, u probably the only one to know my secret wish...u noe, the if im a genius, wad wld i do thing...LOL..btw, me not into gore!!!*cough cough**looks away**laughs to self*

Spring and Country-first of all, I feel so genius to think of such a code..spring..country..LOL....luv ya two forever..sorry i put u two tgt, i mean, if it feels not special....but..but...but..i lazy...LOL...anw, feel really comfortable around u guys, i mean, get to bully u two..WAHAHAHAHAH..and u guys make me happy by playing along wif my childish game..i mean, it really really means a lot to me.u might not understand, but to a someone lik me, this type of things is..is..erm...ARGH...okay, lets put it this way, i hate reality, and things lik tat help me take a break frm it...well, it jus means a lot..opps, i repeated myself..0_0..LOL...well, basically, hmmm.. to put it simply, i get to be a wolf( and "G_ _", not gonna say it out..but Country shld noe wad im talking bout) when im wif u guys..things tat i wanted to exist, will exist when im wif u guys, even if its only temporarily( eg, R_i..etc)...as in,we dun even need to talk bout ppl( rmb, not very social) to hav something to talk about..i mean, we can crap all night if we want..and well, i lik listening to ppl talk, i mean, i dun really enjoy having to find a topic to start wif, and i dun even need to do tat wif u guys..><...so to sum it up..ME LUV U TWO CUTIES~*runs and hide frm Country*

Blogger is really good for mushy things lik this tat i will NEVER dare to say in front of ppl....LMGO...this is not the first time i contribute to my frens here, and it will not be the last..to many things to thank ppl for le...><..anw, i still luv my frens tat are not written here or YET...^^


Monday, August 3, 2009

Exams and projects are boring...oh,im suppose to be doing work now..=_=

Anyway, english translation to my blog song...><...back to work!!BB!!

Deeper, deeper, you come into the forest, pulled by a voice so sweet
Come on, come on, you want to go even deeper in to meet
Quickly, quickly, come as fast as your little legs can run to the dark
Come on, come on, it'll be so fun, let's play a game, on your mark!

This cinnamon stick is a wonderful magic stick
Imagine that you're drowning in the sweetest syrups
Dreams relieve of you of problems and sorrows that make you weep
Because they are heaven-made, have one and fall asleep

But they're only good if you are surrounded by hallucinations
When you take the blindfold off, there's no more pleasant creations
You will see that you hands are tied and bound, dragging at my heels
You've already given up, don't take it back, it's a deal


Sometimes we see the shine of doubt flickering on the double edged knife
A faultless love does not exist, there's no perfect feeling in this life
Through a hole in the blindfold, there was something I thought I'd never see
Lantern shadows that grew at night unconciously frightened me

My, my, you bad kid, how dare you wake up so early
If your blindfold comes off, then should I blind you instead?
Hey look, you're laughing, now isn't that the cutest sight?
But you still wear lies, so let's go back to our play tonight

"Give me that..?.."

Why are you trembling in front of me like a scared little mouse?
Milk is what you want because it made you well at your old house?
This is my domain, my place where it's just as warm as any place
I'll just toll whats in your pocket, now you should not lose any face

Give me that, quickly, quickly, just give it here right now
Don't ask why or when or where, you don't even to need to know how
Eat these sweets, they tempt you into believing fake hospitality
Give me that, quickly, just give it here right now to me


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

this pic explains everything i wanna say...
Exams, projects and ppl...
why cant they jus disappear?
Reality sucks so much...so much so that i dun even hav time now to retreat into my haven...
My storybooks,mangas,animes,,tv shows..I dun even hav time for them, the only way to make me feel happy is to live in a story, even for a moment...><


oh, im no emo-ing,jus kinda stressed up...


Monday, July 20, 2009

PIC TRIBUTE TO SINYEE( i noe u are one of them..WAHAHAHA)

*cough cough*


Sometimes,I wish im a mute, so tat i could jus shut the f*ck up....

Anyway, went to this really cool japanese buffet restuarant wif my family..its call "Minori"..and i was busy taking pictures of my bro and his gf wif my new hp!it was free...haha...

Anyway, lightings really bad in the restuarant, so no pics worth posting...haha..BUT...OMG..5 MEGAPIXEL HP CAMERA IS CLEARER DEN MY NORMAL CAMERA!!!!!

oh...OH OH...went to watch Mark's play on fri...and im in luv wif Hamlet( both the chara and the actor)...sorry mark....ahahhahahahhaha.....>_<

ME LIKEY!!!!!!!

~~~~~~~Dark,gothic and bloody stories are the best thing ever~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Monday, July 13, 2009


walk here walk there until leg damn tired...

will upload pics soon~(no me inside)


i hav nothing else to say...

I HATE....err....
so random...


Otaku is jus some one tats obsessed wif anime,anime characters, manga etc...


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

having cold war wif my mum now..
hmmm...not really cold war, since its her ignoring me and me trying to talk..=__=..*gives up*
geeezz..how childish can my mum get..i mean, get over it already..=-=
anyway, it all started because i went to dye my hair..i hav been asking her whether i can do it since lik last yr..and she ALWAYS says no to everything..and of course, i wld obey her..i mean,she is my mum and i love her(ew,mushy)..but everytime i asked her for reasons,why im not allowed to do things, she wld jus replied "cannot means cannot"..no offence, but it can irritating sometimes..and the truth is, i always tell her before i do anything, lik if im coming home late,i wld msg her beforehand,so she wldnt worry,things lik tat?

but shes so erm..how do i put it...hmm..jus tat,im already 17,i think im old enough to make at least some decisions for myself..of course,parents come first, always ask..and dad said yes,brother say okay and mum is always the only one who wld say NO..most of the time without explaining..=_=..den for ONCE,i decided to do something on my own(i did tell her,for lik 15million time before i did it) and she has this reaction..=_=

i mean, im upset tat i upset her..cliche,but i really am..i mean,i dun really show it ..now,shes ignoring me..wad kind of a mother do tat?!I mean,if a kid(apparently,i will always be a kid in my parents eye,i dun really mind..WAHAHH) done something wrong,u ignore them?!HUH?
i mean, she kept scolding me,say tat theres bad influence and things lik tat..den say i lik "ah lian" lik tat..(back to the ignoring part,wldnt tat make this "ah lian" thing worst, i mean,its lik encouraging me to run away frm home lik tat)
but seriously, wad kind of "ah lian" gets 4 As for Olvl..nv smokes,nv drinks,nv hang up in places tat a good girl is not suppose to,nv hang out in gangs, go to schl properly, nv really hang out late..
is changing my appearance gonna change wad i am inside?

I am a geek, computer geek,anime geek,comic geek,otaku, bookworm and i lik to write stories and other stuff lik tat..and i always will be..i will nv giv up my love for things lik acting cool..NEVER..
in case theres any misunderstandin, let me put this clear, i love my family, im not angry(okay,maybe a little) because this is mostly my fault, all i feel right now is EXTREMELY upset..tat my own mother doesnt trust me in things i do, doesnt hav faith in me..and most imptly, ignoring me(This im angry,because,i hav to say,even if its extremely rude,this is so freaking childish)...

once again,
bad week,very bad week..


Photobucket Yanyan, liyan,yan,kaya,angela,tsuki(im so gonna get confuse one day..)(:
4e7(now u noe my age)
Im a little wolf,i dun bite,well not too hard,so why dun u come and play wif me?


Get into the course i wan in SP
Flute lessons
new mp3
many many big plushies

exit here!!!!

Sinyee ='.'=
Juju❤❤❤(requested by ju)
xiao ZHeng

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